Sunday, January 17, 2010


Affirmation # 7-No matter how rich or famous some one is, they always have time to listen. Even if they are in a rush and speak to you, know that you are one person they made time to meet, and that makes you very important.

This happened to me today. I was very fortunate. I was with my mother at a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra concert in a beautiful church. We went because I wanted to hear the French Horn players, since I am one. We were told, after the concert was over, that there was an after party downstairs, so we checked it out. We didn't see anyone we knew, so we got some snacks and beverages and sat dow. A minute later a man came over and put his coat on the chair next to me and then my mom spilled her food on the ground and I asked why. She said it was because the man who put his coat down was a very famous man. It was Paavo Jarvi, a world famous music conductor. My mom and I went up to him and told him we loved the music and that I was a young French Horn player. He though t that was so cool and he told me to keep practicing and I would and up like Elizabeth Freimuth, who is the principal French Hornist. We met her at Green Acres Foundation the spring before. He then shook our hand and smiled a great smile. And thats how I met a very important person who has encouraged and inspired me in playing the French Horn!

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